C&B Resin Plus

C&B Resin Plus Assortment Kit

A new formula resin demonstrating outstanding esthetics & durability

  • Two or three layer build-up technique with unparalleled Esthetics.
  • Fast, simple curing technique - ONLY three minutes at 28 p.s.i or Simply Bench Cure. No special equipment needed.
  • Durable, color-stable formula is ideal for long-term temporaries.
  • Assortment conatins: 9 dentin shades, white & clear powder, special monomers, separators & polish

Shades of the same size may be combined for quantity discounts


    Item#:      Description

  Resin Plus Introductory Assortment                                                     9 Shades, 1 White, 1 Clear (10 grams each),                                     50ml Monomer, Instructions

90 Gram Powder:  
RETA1-90  Dentin Shade A1
RETA2-90  Dentin Shade A2 
RETA3-90 Dentin Shade A3 
RETA3.5-90  Dentin Shade A3.5 
RETA4-90 Dentin Shade A4
RETB1-90  Dentin Shade B1
RETB2-90  Dentin Shade B2 
RETB3-90  Dentin Shade B3 
RETC2-90 Dentin Shade C2 
RETD3-90 Dentin Shade D3
RETGE1-90 Enamel Shade (Dark)
RETGE2-90 Enamel Shade (Medium) 
RETGE3-90 Enamel Shade (Light) 
RETWH-90 Enamel Shade (Universal) 
RETCL-90 Clear 
RETMO-100 Special Monomer Liquid, 100ml 
10 Gram Powder:  
RETA1-10 Dentin Shade A1
RETA2-10 Dentin Shade A2
RETA3-10 Dentin Shade A3
RETA3.5-10 Dentin Shade A3.5
RETA4-10 Dentin Shade A4
RETB1-10 Dentin Shade B1
RETB2-10 Dentin Shade B2 
RETB3-10 Dentin Shade B3
RETC2-10 Dentin Shade C2 
RETD3-10 Dentin Shade D3
RETGE1-10 Enamel Shade (Dark)
RETGE2-10 Enamel Shade (Medium)
RETGE3-10 Enamel Shade (Light)
RETWH-10 Enamel Shade (Universal)
RETCL-10 Clear
RETMO-25 Special Monomer Liquid, 25 ml
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